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About The Practitioner

Candice Doyle is an artist of massage you can see her work by the reflection of the young and old of the lives she has touched through her intuitive touch. Candice knew she had special gift at a young age and her life had a purpose in the healing arts. Her story is an admirable story of strength, integrity, and determination. After years of living with  chronic pain  that went  undiagnosed. Finally, at 25 she found that there was 3 herniated disc in her neck. A spinal stenosis, which is a narrowing of the spinal canal. A young mother scared of living a life that limited her to enjoy her children and way of life. Candice underwent disc replacement surgery. Thankfully everything went successful and she regained her strength. Once she returned to work as a bill collector in her 6th year at the company she  realized she was not living with passion or fulfilling her dreams  to become a therapist.

The time was now and she enrolled at Everest Institute. Candice was an honor student all the way through her academic time. Eager to learn and absorb all the knowledge she could. Candice graduated  the Massage & Spa Specialist Program. Along with a gained interest in ancient healing modalities. In addition she graduated From Everest Sport & Rehabilitative Program. Also during that time she completed a number of internships. One at North West Cancer Institute, Portland State University working with division athletes. Along with another one at Everest with State & Olympic swimmers.

Since becoming licensed has continued some of her education at East West College. Finishing 3 Chi Nei Tsang certifications, Pelvic, Thoracic and Abdominal. This just invigorated her desire to know more of the Taoist healing and to pursue Chi Gong.   The years of experience with Reiki and other methods creates wholeness with intuitive  touch. Candice has taken her TMJ Reset training  she received to a whole other level! That has really blossomed into something great. When most people think of TMJ they think jaw pain, teeth grinding at night, stress clenching during the day. This treatment dives way deeper. Low back or hip pain, headaches, digestion problems,  stress.  Combining TMJ Reset with Chi Nei Tsang, Manual Therapy, Neuromuscular massage. Using muscle energy techniques to relax your nervous system too.  Our stresses or fear we live with can keep us in a fight or flight state. TMJ is  not just associated with the jaw but so much more. Teaching our bodies and muscles to relax. 

You can't grow new heads with old dirt, I am a student for life! Is something Candice always says. MS.Doyle has been self employed since 2009 she first opened up at Rose Springs Center of the healing arts.  Remained doing  her work there until 2015 until opening Universal Love downtown Hillsboro.  During that time she expanded her skills working with local chiropractors in busy clinics. Working with other holistic providers and listen  and honoring their wisdom.  With her perseverance and hard work has become known for the work she has done. Within  medical, holistic and neighboring practitioners. As well as her participation throughout the  years in the Hillsboro community.

Working with local chiropractors and their clients recovering from motor vehicle accidents and work related injuries. Along with working various places and events. Candice has honed in on all the different skills and modalities she's learned over the years and, created her very own massage. This massage style is unlike any other massages out there. The capability to work with all body types to calm the nervous system. Allows her to really get into all the necessary areas with ease. She calls it, the ahhhh good so pain. Depending on what the desired goal the client has, she has an impeccable way to cater each session based on what is needed. So whether you are a, triathlon, recovering, or just need to relax she has all the tricks up her sleeve. With Sport rehabilitative training Combining the  knowledge of different modalities.  Gives Candice an edge, a high skill set to achieve your therapeutic goals. She likes to call it her tool box. Even if you have whiplash, rib head out, scar tissue, stuck sacral iliac joint, tight IT Band.... You're in good hands. Candice works with other health care providers to insure you are receiving the up most care and will refer out when necessary. After renting space within another location and working at various places. She opened a practice in 2015, Downtown Hillsboro. Universal Love Healing Center LLC.

The idea behind Universal Love, is that she uses a number of modalities ancient and new. As well as opens the door to other providers  to work there to offer a wide variety of healthcare and healing under one roof. Universal Love where the Healing Begins.



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